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Crās ~ a more sustainable "tomorrow"

Christiane Hagger and Anne Charlotte Lembye raise the level of the fashion industry. They both have a great interest in sustainability and have together created the brand Crās, who are responsible for producing fashion clothing. The two cool women question and want us to reconsider our lifestyle consumption in order to achieve a better future and therefore manufacture the clothes that are exclusively produced by sustainable materials.

The name Crās is Latin and means "tomorrow" or "tomorrow", and that is precisely what the two fashionisties believe in - a more sustainable and better "tomorrow". Their sustainable focus also does not compromise on neither quality nor design, because they also have a penchant for colors and clothes that create a little noise. At EDIE you can find clothes from Crās for offer prices throughout the year.

Glamorous, fun and trendy

Crās take care of the environment by producing all their clothes from certified sustainable and natural substances - but do not mistake that even if sustainable production is their heart case, designed in all their collections is at least as important. All the collections involve styles that are classic and glamorous, which fits perfectly with the career woman's busy day in the office, but they also booms with styles that are fun and colorful, which hits the woman who loves to challenge the fashion picture and the regular wardrobe. Crās is therefore a fire to all women.

At EDIE you will find Styles from Crās in closest to all the clothing categories. You will find a wide range of beautiful and colorful dresses that portray the regular everyday life, but also suitable for larger events. You will also find beautiful blouses and shirts - both the classic, but also the more noisy and colorful. In addition, there is a selection of smart and feminine blazers as you can mix and match to one of the beautiful skirts. You will find all the beautiful styles for a lucrative price.

Sustainable material and ethical dealers

It is not just empty words and ambitions that Christiane and Anne Charlotte bring on the track - they complete their ambitions to perfection. With the help of long-term and certified partners, their clothes are responsibly produced. Crās has partners in China, Portugal and Turkey, all of whom work under the requirements set to produce the clothes sustainably, but also where employees thrive. Crās is also proud of having knitted some of their jerseys in a family run business in Denmark. One of the goals of the future is to be able to support several local manufacturers in Denmark.

Crās' sustainable collections are manufactured eg. Using certified recycled polyester from plastic waste, certified organic cotton and organic viscose. It is not just their clothes made from sustainable material. The clothing packaging and labels are made of recycled materials and even their polybags and web shops are made of recycled plastic to spare the environment in every conceivable ways.

Treat yourself and steadily a better future

You can benefit your next dress from Crās. Most people who see it will compliment the Beautiful design of the dress - and at the same time you may spread an inspiration or a desire with others to also fill the wardrobe with sustainable clothing.

Crās has a great job done a great job to care for the environment and create a better future, but they don't stop here. They have future goals and ambitions to continue developing and improving the brand, so you can always pamper yourself with sustainable and exigned clothing. Christiane and Anne Charlotte are fully dedicated to pushing themselves and their colleagues in the fashion industry to be more sustainable in the production of their clothes and to continue to put the bar high for the rest of the industry.

Online Sale on clothes from CRAS

At EDIE you can always find a wide selection of Crās' collections on offer to really good prices. We have gathered the most beautiful Crās clothes for far below normal prices. We can do that because the collections we have on sale to you are collections from previous seasons. Only for that reason we can put prices down with completely
up to 70%.

Our attitude and approach to online shopping, we also consider sustainable, in transferred significance. Just because a piece of clothing is not from the latest season, it still deserves to be sold. Just because a piece of clothing is from a previous season, then it fails nothing. The only reason it is not sold in the physical stores and online, is the fact that room needs to be made for the new collections that replace much clothes that are still beautiful and nothing fails.
In the fashion industry, it is that every season must be renewed with new designs and collections, but clothing from previous collections still has lots of design value. Therefore, EDIE always collects clothing from Crās's previous collections that you can buy with advantageous bid prices.

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