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Minus: designed by women for women

Minus was founded in 1998 and in 2013 was taken over by Charlotte Kjær Bruun and Irena Riberholdt Jørgensen. The two women are based on their own needs and want clothes when designing new collections. Their heading is that style, quality and comfort must go hand in hand. The brand has an ambition that minus clothes must reflect a woman's busy everyday life. And minus women's clothing is therefore part of the Danish design culture that is distinguished at functionality and quality. Minus defines itself as 'redefined Scandinavian', as they have an innovative and exciting perception of the otherwise usually minimalist character of Scandinavian design. Every garment is made with great care and passion and is completed with great attention to detail. Minus women's clothing is for the independent woman seeking high quality, a perfect fit and refined details. Here on the page you will find our selection of the delicious minus clothes and you even find the clothes on sale. At EDIE, we are a sustainable business selling clothes from the big Scandinavian brands' former collections. We hate to see delicious clothes going to waste, and therefore we want to fill our lovely customers' wardrobe with stylish styles, which in spite of season are still fashionable and in. From minus collections, we always choose a number of classic and sophisticated styles as fine knitwear and cardigans, smart pants, dresses and festive peaks.

Minus women's clothing must be feminine and sophisticated, but it must also be comfortable and easy to wear for both everyday and party. Minus strives for the woman to have a functional wardrobe that is easy to combine and easy to understand, while it is extremely stylish and elegant. The two owners of minus believe that the last woman should worry about, is the clothes she has. At EDIE, we want to be with minus and have a wide selection of their goods at good prices with a discount of 40-70% all year round. From base knit to party dresses. Minus clothing can be something special, and you have not yet tried to wear clothes from the brand, we recommend that you click some home right away. We guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

Minus women's clothing - stylish, sophisticated and fashionable

Minus designer from a personal point of view and do so with a feminine and sophisticated signature. The brand loves to mix business with flair for fashion and the shared experience of being a woman today. Minus is created with a notion of fit into the quite common everyday life. Everyday life as a mother, businesswoman, wife or grandmother, who sometimes good can be hectic and not very glamorous. But with clothes from minus there is nothing to worry about. The brand has an uncomplicated approach to fashion and you get countless styles, you can draw in on the hectic mornings - completely without thinking about it. And in no time you will be wearing an outfit that radiates a sense of fashion and self-assurance. However, the woman's own style is expressed in design from minus and not from trends from the various international fashion scenes. Of course it follows the fashion image, but on his own sophisticated and dimmed way, in no way is challenging or exuberant. In this way, minus speaks to the ordinary Scandinavian woman who dresses nicely and classic to daily.

Minus is on a mission to upgrade the classics of the wardrobe. The goods from minus must be the best version of the blazer, the cardigan, the top and the blouse, so you never have to worry about what you need to go on. Minus clothing can be combined across or you can pair a delicious blazer from the brand with a few classic and sophisticated habit pants, you already have in the closet. You are never away if you have the closet filled with minus clothes. Therefore, the brand creates timeless classics who never go out of fashion. You do not find an autumn collection, summer collection and winter collection at minus - for all their clothes can be used all year round and still be in. There is nothing that only lasts one season, because for minus it is important to create clothes that can complete a look - every single day.

Sustainable styles from minus

Like so many other fashion brands, minus is also in the fight against the industry's large environmental impact. It is a heavy and long struggle to become sustainable, and unfortunately, it never succeeds in 100%. However, minus work hard to make their collections more sustainable. When the brand launched their autumn collection in 2020, it was 60% of the clothes that were at least 50% sustainable. Thus, minus clothes are both sustainable, uncomplicated and stylish, and it is therefore a rather advantageous fire to fill the wardrobe.

When it is said that minus clothing is sustainable, it is believed that the clothes are made from more sustainable materials. At minus, it is Ecovero viscose, organic cotton, recycled polyester and seawool. The goal of minus women's clothing is that 70% sustainable materials are used in the collections by 2025. For example, no toxic chemicals are used in the cultivation of organic cotton, and the organic farming maintains the Earth's ecosystems and health. Production also uses significantly less water and energy than the production of conventional cotton, while protecting the groundwater from pollution. You can safely click your favorite minus women's clothing home.

Minus women's clothing on offer all year round 

Here on the site, we have gathered our selection of clothes from minus. You will find both dresses, pants, skirts, blouses and knit from the brand, all fitting perfectly into any woman's wardrobe. The color palette in the committee is simple, dimmed and classic and it therefore hangs perfectly with the Scandinavian woman's aesthetics, which is typically minimalist and simple. There is nothing challenging and bubbly at the clothes from minus, and it is therefore quite essential basic items that you just have to have in your wardrobe. And here on the page you are fortunate to find the delicious styles on offer all year round. Explore our selection and fall in the delicious and sophisticated styles from minus.