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Moves clothing - the versatile little sister

You have been able to find Moves clothes on the shelves since 2015, when the first of many collections was launched. Moves is a little sister fire for the minimum, as in its time began his journey with a shop in Aarhus in 1997. The store quickly developed into an independent brand, which launched own clothing collections to the Danish fashion image. The minimum has since been given a great place on the international fashion scene and over time it resulted in the start of Moves. Moves goes his own roads and has a great focus on younger women. Moves creates on one side fine and feminine styles and on the other side styles, which are brave and sometimes have a raw look. At EDIE you can find the delicious Moves clothes all year round for good offer prices.

Moves: clothes with his very own personality and identity 

Although Moves originate from minimum, the Little sister fire has managed to create its own identity. Moves adorn the fashioned season after season with styles, dressing the feminine girl who likes the simple, fine and the colorful. The collections include classic styles that can be worn season after season, but Moves clothes are not nicely and fine. 

The brand is constantly moving and also likes to play with the more brave look, so those who wear the clothes can stand out from the crowd and create its very own style - there is room for all personalities in Moves' collections. Moves is a firstmover that adapts to the trends of time, whether in the classic or more scarhable genre. One thing is Moves however particularly known for, and it is their selection of fine mica styles. 

At EDIE we have a large selection of the Fine Moves clothing. You will find pleasant knitwear that can be used a common Sunday, but also dresses up for everyday use. You find feminine dresses with print, beautiful blouses and fine skirts that are good for both everyday and party. Among Moves' collections there is always at least a style that hits the spot for you because Moves clothes have so many different trends and silhouettes.

A fire in motion

Just as the name suggests, Moves is in constant motion. Moves means 'movement' or 'move', and it is also these expectations they have to themselves. Moves clothing is available in several collections annually, embracing different styles. They are always on the beat and keep up to date on what the next big fashion cess is, so they can be at the forefront and deliver the right collection to the Danish fashion scene.

The color spectrum in Moves clothing is always in motion. Moves appreciate the use of colors in everything they develop - whether it is their classic set, their flourished dresses or the simple knit. It is not only colors that Moves is at the forefront of. The materials and design of the clothing follow the Scandinavian fashion to point and prick. Over time, the collections have, among other things, bid for velail dresses, off-shoulders tops, powerful shirt jackets and light shirts. Whatever your favorite item is, you can always find it among Moves clothes.