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Modström: A brand specializing in prints and trendy expression

Modström is a fire that is not afraid to go against the power. Their styles are characterized by a playful design that follows the fashion image and caters to the woman, who always want to join the mature. Modström is founded in 2004, when their colorful prints and feminine silhouettes quickly fell in consumer tastes. Although Modström's designs are always trendy, your brand embraces wide. Modström's clothing is for women of all ages who enjoy walking fashionably dressed.

Modström's journey started with their first physical shop in Aalborg, but today they operate from the head office in Copenhagen. The brand has quickly become a recognized brand on the Scandinavian and European fashion scene and negotiated today in more than 400 stores worldwide. Modström himself describes their collections as "On Trend". That is, they follow the development in the fashion image and always in the wave of the trends of time. However, dry Modström good to create their own look, and they do so especially with their specialty in unique prints that put suit on everyday crank. Here on the page we have collected all the best clothes from Modström from previous collections to good retail prices, so you can fill the wardrobe with fat and fashionable clothing.

You always get sharp design and clean lines

From the beginning, Modström has been particularly pleased with coats and jackets, and every season adds the obese statement styles to the category. A jacket from Modström is sharp, classic and in good quality, so you can have it in the wardrobe for many years. In fact, Modström produces six collections and two outerwear collections. It shows where innovative and up-to-date they are, and it emphasizes how important it is for Modström that their customers can always participate in the latest trends.

Generally, you are with clothing from Modström sure to receive an innovative design in good quality. The brand puts many thoughts in color choices, prints and designs in every one of their collections, and it's easy to see why Modusmm is many women's favorite fire. For in Modström's collections you can find playful designs that invite for celebrations and colors and a unique style, but you also find sharp designs in a Scandinavian style with clean and simple lines that fit into any woman's wardrobe. Modströms Force is that they manage to combine the simple and sharp cuts with the unique and colorful prints in collections, all showing a Scandinavian, classical and trendy style, every single time hits the spot, compared to what young girls and women Want to dress for both everyday and party.

Modström takes responsibility

In addition to the mission to design trendy and delicious clothing, large parts of Modström's focus are on accountability. When moving in the fashion industry, there may be many concerns in relation to environmental impact, but here Modström makes an extra effort. Their work for sustainability is anchored in UN Global Compact's principles, which is the world's largest CSR initiative. Here, Modström works side by side with their suppliers all over to ensure good conditions for both consumers and employees. It is especially about sustainability, human rights and working conditions. Modström's work on sustainability is, among other things, focused on their production of clothing, both that do not use chemicals that can be harmful to consumers, but also that in production is good and healthy conditions for employees. When you buy clothes from Modström here in our webshop, you can do it with good conscience - even for retail prices.

Creative and fashionable design that fits in with all

Modström is a brand that does not have a desire to turn to a particular target group or a particular type of woman. Modström is aimed at all, and their desire is to make designs and styles, which is nice to have and easy to put together so they produce your very own personal style. Therefore, Modström's design can always fit into your wardrobe, whether you already have the closet filled with clothing from Modström or you just have a single piece of clothing or two from the brand. For the colorful designs in innovative prints can always be put together with the more basic products from Modström or other brands. If you dare to throw yourself into your very own challenging style, then it is also possible with clothing from Modström.

Modström combines the raw and trendy with the feminine and classic, and you can always style one of their fine dresses with a few stilettos and jewelry, and you are ready for party with a feminine and nice look. On the other hand, you can also style the dress with one of the brand's sharp and raw jackets and a few boots, and you will get a raw look that for many will make good everyday life. With Modström's clothing, there are many opportunities to mix and match, so you get exactly your style forward and feel confident and comfortable all day.

Clothing from Modström on sale

Here on the page you can find all the delicious clothing from Modström's many annual collections, though not the current one. EDIE is for you who enjoy having a closet filled with designer and clothing in good quality, but do not want or afford to pay a lot of money for it. The clothes from Modström's previous collections are usually discarded, which we think is sin. Modström produces as much delicious clothes every year, and we would like everything clothes being used and creating joy in your wardrobes. For it fails nothing and is as new as the clothes from previous seasons, so of course it must also have a chance. Therefore, you find here on since the delicious clothing for sale prices, so you can dress trendy and fashionable all year round.