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Just Female: Modern Nordic design

Copenhagen has a special place in the heart of Just Female. Here is the brand established, and their design is based on the city's streetstyle, which is characterized by a showdown against the traditional feminine silhouettes and is today a combination between the raw and feminine look. Just Female was founded in 2007 and since then, they have created "Ready-to-Wear" Fashion, who has quickly won many hearts and is currently available in most European women's wardrobe. Today, just female is negotiated both in stores and webshops in large parts of Europe.

Seasonal trends

Just Female is a brand that designs after season and they are experts in mapping where modern fashion is going. Their spring and summer collections invite light, fine dresses and beautiful peaks with lace and ruffles that are perfect for summer parties and experiences. Whereas warm colors, delicious scarves and comfortable and heavy knitwear, as well as large jackets in delicious materials dominate the autumn and winter collections. Here on the page, we have collected previous collections from previous seasons, so you are always at the forefront of the season's trends. You even find the clothes from Just Female to retail prices with up to 70% discount.

Slim silhouettes, aesthetic details and fabrics with texture

Although Just Female follows the trends of time and the Scandinavian fashion image, then they manage to create unique designs that break with the traditional feminine silhouettes. Just females design is sharp, has texture and edge and caters to the brave and self-confident woman who is safe in the Nordic culture and norms. The brand saves any clotheskry with their modern and timeless designs that fit into both everyday and party situations. In fact, just females design amazing to go from day to night. You can easily wear one of their delicious dresses or shirts at work with a pair of boots and pants and till the evening swap the pants and boots out with a skirt and a few aspects, and you are ready for a delicious dinner with the girlfriends or an evening in town . You can mix and match just females looks, so you both create super feminine outfits and sharp raw outfits. Therefore, their styles are perfect for any former woman.

A brand with a focus on environmental impact

As many other clothes brands, Just Female also has a responsibility in maintaining our globe and environment and making efforts in reducing their environmental impact. Just female is working on keeping our globe healthy and safe by, over time, implementing sustainable materials in their collections. Being a completely sustainable company takes time, and right now focuses just female that 50% of the materials used for the production of their clothing must be sustainable. Of course with a goal that all materials must be sustainable as the company and brand grow.

In 2018, Just Female introduced an option called "Sustainable Choice" in their collections, which has since only grown and has become a large part of Just females identity. For these designs, just female only use sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and lyocell, which have the same properties as viscose, but produced during a more environmentally sound process. In addition, Just Female Better Cotton, created to make the conditions for employees in production better.

When you buy a piece of clothing from Just Female, you will see a pink "We Care" mark in some products. The brand is the sponsor of the organization "Plant a tree", and every time you buy a product with a "We Care" mark, you help support the organization, which in Just Females behalf plants 1000 trees in Denmark annually.

Fashionable clothing for any woman and occasion

As the name of the brand suggests, then just female is only for women. It is for all the fashionable and trendy women who enjoy having a wardrobe that contains delicious clothes that are just to take on in all the compositions you can find on. Their simple and fashionable designs fit into most women's everyday crank and each of their collections contain must-have items that you cannot do without in your everyday life. Just female is inspired by mature in the street scene in Copenhagen, and you therefore find delicious basic products such as T-shirts and tops in delicious materials and innovative and modern styles in a sharp design that challenges the minimalist and simple woman. In this way, Just Female is a fire that follows the fashion image and is at the forefront of the trends and trends that abound worldwide, but in the same way, they do it in their own way, and the Scandinavian minimalist style is always finding in all their products.

Clothing from Just Female at good prices

Just Female delivers delicious quality clothing in a sensible price rent on your own, but here on the page you can find the clothes from previous collections set down with up to 70%. Just female produces several collections annually, and when a new collection comes, it means that the "old" must out. Here on the site, we collect all the delicious clothes from Just Females previous collections, so you can join the mature with the brand's timeless design, which can be worn season after season.

At EDIE, we hope to kick new life in the clothes being discarded. For though the mature constantly changing, there are many of the fine designs and styles from different brands that go again and easily can be used all year round. Especially just females summer collections contain fine summer dresses in light design and colors that are not limited to a season.

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