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Minimum: Simplicity, clean lines and a design that is its own

Minimum was founded in 1999 and today is a recognized brand worldwide. The minimum has a penchant for minimalist, Scandinavian design and makes mainly timeless everyday clothing for both men and women.

The minimum actually arose as an Aarhus Retail store in 1997, but already in 1999 the minimum developed it to self-fire, which we know it today. Here, the first collection for men was launched, and eight years later, the brand was ready with their first clothing collection for women. The adurgent has not been less since, and today at least an international brand that has a finger on the pulse and is known, not least in Denmark, but in several places in Europe and Canada.

Clothing from minimum in high quality

The minimum vision is to create high quality clothing in delicious, carefully selected materials aimed at men and women who cannot get enough of the Scandinavian, innovative and minimalist style. Although the minimum produces fashion clothes in good quality, they endeavor to offer their styles at affordable prices.

Minimum creates inventive designs and is also good at following the latest trends. You can find sophisticated skirts, flashy dresses as well as more subdued base items, such as knitwear, T-shirts and pants at the Danish brand. Thus, minimum spreads, and the brand therefore caters to both the very young and the more adult men and women. So whether you are on expired for everyday classics and basic goods or more unique and sophisticated styles, you can be sure to cover your needs in minimum.

A fully clear style that still follows the fashion image

When comparing the minimum clothing and collections with other Danish brands, it is easy to see what comes from the minimum hand and what doesn't do. Their style is quite clear. It is minimalist and simple, while it really is modern. Minimum always keeps an eye on what touching the fashion scenes around the world, but they do not let go of their Scandinavian look, which is their very clear standstice. When minimum each year creates its collections, they put a great honor in creating the best styles and fit, so they fit into any man or woman's wardrobe.

Minimum is a secure supplier of a stylish and simple look that wins every time. The brand is in constant movement and among many competitors is at least one of the brands who do not leave out of changing trends and trends. You do not look at least from their familiar design, because the fashion image shows something else. And in spite of it, the minimum is one of the brands who go to the forefront. And with clothing from the minimum, there is a guarantee of joining - in its very own simple and simple way.

Minimum essentials - clothes you can have on again and again

For minimum, it is important to create clothing that is capable of binding an outfit together. Minimum essentials are the minimum base goods, where the design is solid color, has clean lines and a sharp incision. As the name clearly suggests, it is styles needed to have in your wardrobe. It can be a sharp shirt that always looks good for a couple of jeans, or it can be a delicious t-shirt that makes you feel well dressed even if you really just wear a simple T-shirt. But that's what minimum essentials can. Their sharp cuts and simple aesthetics mean that the clothes are more than just base products. These are the pieces of clothing that get your entire wardrobe to go up a higher unit.

In the dames of the Minimum Essentials, you find sharp and tasty blazers and trousers in many different colors. The colors are toned down, and the various designs are therefore your salvation when one morning you stand by and you don't know what to wear. You can throw a blazer in a burnt-up note over your white or black shirt, and you want to look smart and well-dressed. You can also combine a blazer and a pair of trousers in the same color from the Minimum Essentials. That way, you get a nice set of sets, so you, for example, look professional and well-behaved in the office.


As many other clothing vessels have a minimum of responsibility when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of the modem industry, and in recent years they have also been working to reduce. In 2019, the Minimum Sustainable Sustainable Strategy was launched under the name "Impact". It was and remains the vision of the Minimums ' vision to reduce the environmental impact of the entire fashion industry, and they are working for it every day, both in large and small. It is, in fact, both small-and-sustainable, in the main office of Aarhus and major changes in production.

Every six months, the Minimum with a collection book for their collective 'Essentials', in connection with their new sustainability strategy in 2019, they chose to use sustainable materials for their printed stuff. Therefore, the collection book is now being produced in FSC certified paper because it is important for the minimum that their sustainable actions are reaching all the way around the company. It doesn't matter if it's a big or small change, because in the end, it's all gonna make a difference.

The essence of Essentials is also a collection which, in itself, has undergone some major changes in relation to sustainability. At the beginning of 2020, the minimum decided that the products of the collection should be made from more sustainable materials. It's Materials like Ecovero-viskose, Lenzing-viscose, Tencel, reused polyester and reused ecologically cotton. When you are a big fire, like the minimum, it takes time to be completely sustainable, but the brother takes every day to take small steps towards the goal. The new products in more sustainable materials are introduced continuously, as the minimum comes with new collections. You can always recognize the Minimums sustainable style of the green mark with the name "impact".


Minimums dames wear the cloth of a styled and confident attitude, which will have any woman who wears the clothes to feel sophisticated, well and well-dressed. The identity of the industry is shining through in their coloring. In the Minimums collection for women, you don't find the flashy colours and the big patterns. It's simple, yummy and yummy, and it's clothes that you can wear on every day. The color palette is one-colored in fine brown, gray, black and white nuances with a few styles of small patterns in, for example, tern. The position goes well with the minimalist Scandinavia style, as today we see a trend in the fashion image that we in the North often dress in black or fragile colours. The minimum wants to maintain that style. So, if you enjoy walking a little more anonymous and classy, but at the same time, well dressed, and is your wardrobe filled with ground colors and black-is the minimum fire for a woman like you.


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