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Gestuz: Classics with modern Scandinavian ease

In 2008, Sanne Sehested Branden founded Gestuz in order to create fashion for people rather than the fashion industry. The brand Gestuz and all its collections are designed for the modern woman, and the inspiration has always been based on Sehested's own wardrobe and the feeling, fashion clothing can provide. At EDIE you can always find clothes from Gestuz for offer prices.

With roots in Scandinavian design traditions, Gestuz's collections have an ease that simultaneously updates classic designs with small changes. It is clothing created to highlight women's strength, while it takes at the same time for women's sometimes busy everyday life. Each collection has as broad a selection of designs and various silhouettes that every woman can put together his wardrobe, depending on what the individual feel is right for that day. Gestuz makes it possible to put together the clothes to express personality - without compromising on his femininity.

Elegant and modern clothing from Gestuz

Since its beginning in 2008, the brand Gestuz has been solidly established and today is one of the most popular brands in Denmark. Sanne Sehested's idea to start from his own wardrobe has clearly given paw, and Gestuz has since developed its design to create sophisticated, raw looks that have been received with recognition.

Each collection is eye-catching on its own shape, because Gestuz manages to combine classic silhouettes and design with unique details that ultimately give the style a distinctive, yet modern look. It is clear to see that the considerations have been many to the various collections for seasons where the swimwear is, for example, to find in both bikini and swimsuit in each unique design.

Each collection has a wide range of different clothing articles. Everything from pants, skirts, dresses, blouses and shirts, so there is always the opportunity to put together a complete outfit. The overall style, which is completed in all collections from Gestuz, is elegant and relaxed, but still made a little more cool with graphic details, so the clothes really stand out. Although each collection presents something new, you can easily combine the clothes across collections, precisely because Gestuz has a design that in its entirety and with the classic silhouettes is timeless. 

Gestuz 'History: Design nominations and the gold button

The brand Gestuz has entered ybdeful on the Danish fashion scene - but also the international - and since its early start in 2008, Gestuz has received several national and international design nominations. It all culminated in 2018 when Gestuz won everything for the ladies' gold bud. The importance of this gold button is great, since the Gold button is given every year to a Danish fashion company, which has understood and since had commercial success in combining design with successful branding. It is all the ladies' jury that nominates three Danish brands, but it is the readers who determine the winner. Ultimately, it emphasizes the popularity and success of Gestuz that it is the users who have voted exactly the brand in as the winner.

Gestuz has really got its place in fashion conscious women's wardrobe. It is a brand that started with a certain style with leather and rivets. Of course, the mature has changed since then, which it has made several times, and Gestuz has followed and developed its designs and collections continuously. Gestuz has been very successful in charge of women of all ages by preserving the feminine silhouettes and being at the forefront of beautiful prints and graphic details. It was, among other things, one of the reasons why Gestuz was voted in by users to win the gold button. Because clothes from Gestuz hits the spot in fashion conscious women's heart.

It is more than ten years ago that Gestuz first put his mark on the Danish fashion industry, and it is therefore clear that the style has developed. As the forever changing fashion has changed, and Sanne Sehested has also become older, the gestuz girl is of course also become older, and thus also the style. Sehested emphasizes the important work, a designer has, namely to follow mature, but still maintain the belief in itself and its own style. It is clear in the collections from Gestuz. It is a brand with a wide range of collections that have evolved in line with mature, but has managed to preserve the original shape, which is still sexy, elegant and slightly raw.

Eco-friendly and sustainable focus

Since 2018, Gestuz has shown a significant interest in the environmental impact The fashion industry has a growing share in. It is important to spare the environment, and it also has a major impact on Gestuz. Therefore, it is important for Gestuz that all their collections at least 40% recycled materials in all materials they use for the clothes. Gestuz was one of the first to recycle polyester, and make further environmentally conscious choices to take care of our globe. Among other things, it previously resulted in a collection, which was 100% based on recycling of plastic bottles. Gestuz takes the importance of taking responsibility for the globe seriously, and they always work to improve their actions.

However, this does not mean that the quality of the clothes suffer damage. Actually on the contrary. Gestuz has managed to put together collections, which are both sustainable, but still have exclusive and delicious materials such as soft silk, delicious wool and fine satin.

The whole is reflected in each collection, which Sanne Sehested continues to design. Fashion awareness does not suffer from taking into account the environment, and we do not else. We can even find inspiration in the environment across the globe to many trends in fashion. The inspiration behind the many collections from Gestuz is very mixed. It is from the mother's wardrobe when Sehested was a child to use the whole world as inspiration. In this way, every new collection is always exciting to explore - in search of the right composition for the perfect outfit.

Gestuz has clothes for women of all ages

Gestuz really has collections of clothes for women of all ages, which is something they burn themselves. It reflects the collections that we sell here at EDIE too. It is a brand that has truly undergone a great transformation. If we look at the first collections that were dominated by leather and rivets, it is some of a development that the years have brought her.

Characterized by the brand Gestuz must also be said to be the ability to follow in the development and follow with the women and mature for these. The latest collections therefore reflect many different women, for example an easy and sporty style with pants and t-shirts with smart logos. There are clothes that appeal to the sexy woman who would like to lead in beautiful dresses with sway in the skirt, or the classic cocktail dress. Whatever style you are looking for, clothing from Gestuz can make sure you feel comfortable. With clothing from Gestuz, daring print and cool small details, then the clothes that gets remembered. 

Online sale on clothes from Gestuz

At EDIE you can always find a wide selection of Gestuz's collections on offer to really good prices. We have gathered the most beautiful Gestuz clothing for far below normal prices. We can do that because the collections we have on sale to you are collections from previous seasons. For this reason alone, we can set prices down with up to 70%.

Our attitude and approach to online shopping, we also consider sustainable, in transferred significance. Just because a piece of clothing is not from the latest season, it still deserves to be sold. Just because a piece of clothing is from a previous season, then it fails nothing. The only reason it is not sold in the physical stores and online, is the fact that room needs to be made for the new collections that replace much clothes that are still beautiful and nothing fails.

In the fashion industry, it is that every season must be renewed with new designs and collections, but clothing from previous collections still has lots of design value. Therefore, EDIE always collects clothing from Gestuz 'former collections that you can buy with advantageous bid prices.

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