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Custommade Sale: Classic, Modern Clothing for Great Bype

Customate was founded by Danish Christian Dam. In 2002 with a mission to create classic, sophisticated designs for the modern, strong and independent bigbry woman. At EDIE you will find custom sale with just modern and classic clothing for the cosmopolitan woman who emphasizes the simple sophisticated. Customdade, through its unique design, has evolved to become a successful global brand with over 400 retailers worldwide and an online trading that sells to almost all of Europe. The brand's success is mainly related to the fact that Customate does not compromise on quality and design, and that they strive to create clothes that can last season after season. And that also applies to the custom sale you find with EDIE. So even though prices are lower than normal, you can be sure to get your fingers in fashion clothing for high quality when shopping here.

A Custom Sale Out Over the Usual

At Edies Customdade Sale you will find prices that are far below normal prices. You can save up to 70% on your new piece of fashion. You can, because at EDIe believe in sustainable clothing and therefore negotiate clothes from previous seasons, which we put at prices far below normal prices. Just because fashion clothes is not the newest new, it should not just be discarded well? We do not consider this, and therefore you will find here a custom sale where you can get your fingers in delicious, modern and sophisticated fashion clothes for sharp prices. And you can find custom clothes in many forms; Everything from feminine tops in exciting colors, flattering dresses and soft knit for shirts in the most delicious quality.