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41 products

Basic Apparel: A love for the simple, sustainable and timeless

The idea behind Basic Apparel is to sell responsibly produced clothing, which is also timeless and has a safe room on your shelf in the wardrobe over the next many years. It is to create fashion that is comfortable and durable and it is precisely what Camilla Balle and the other other independent and passionate, behind Basic Apparel, have done since 2013 from their small study in Copenhagen. The small but throughout the passionate team, believe in creating a better and healthier world by producing sustainable clothing. They follow their own intuitions and have a heart for small local dealers instead of great online stores.

We are therefore proud to present Basic Apparel as one of our brands. You will find Basic Apparel clothing on sale all year round at EDIE. 

Basic Apparel produces delicious clothes that you want on again and again

The idea behind Basic Apparel is clear and clear: The world does not need more clothes. It needs better clothes. Therefore, the production of Basic Apparel's clothing is handled with care and love. The majority of production is on family-owned factories in Turkey. The factories have documentation for their safe and fair working conditions, so all clothing is produced by employees who are well.

Basic Apparel even visits the factories to make sure the quality of work is just as it must be. You can therefore be sure that the clothes you buy from Basic Apparel are produced by employees who thrive in their workplace. The production of Basic Apparel's collections matches the team's ambitions and values. They work to spread the good atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to be taken care of both the individual piece of clothing and the individual employee - and it sets its mark on the final result. Basic Apparel clothes always hang in the closet - it's a must-have in your wardrobe. 

At EDIE you will find Basic Apparel on sale. We are burning, like Basic Apparel, for timeless and sustainable design that you can enjoy how to dress up in the study, work or to party for many years. In our online universe you will find all the delicious collections from the large fashion brands on sale. Only of the simple reason that the clothes are from previous collections. 

At EDIE we love that we are allowed to give the clothes that had most likely been thrown out, new life. There is nothing in the way of buying clothes from previous collections. You are just covered with delicious fashion all year round - and then we sell Basic Apparel clothing for you on sale with 40-70% discount. 

High quality and subtle design

Basic Apparel has a throbbing heart for nature, and of course it translates into the way in which their clothes are produced. They focus on you to feel comfortable in their clothes. This means that the clothing material in all collections is of high quality, and the same applies to the clothes design. First, clothing from Basic Apparel is so comfortable that it will often be your first choice when you reach out for a piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Secondly, Basic Apparel aims to create subtle classics as you fall in love with you and last long.

Their basic goods and classics we can safely say never go by fashion. By purchasing Basic Apparel, you spend the environment. You spare the environment due to the sustainable production and then you change rarely in your clothes. There are therefore lots of good reasons why Basic Apparel should be a fixed part of your wardrobe.

Basic Apparel's stylish approach is perfect for you who love quality, which advocates sustainability and who loves the simple and classic design. Although Basic Apparel is subtle, it is certainly not boring. If you are more for a fun and 'Playful' look, you can easily choose a basic product from Basic Apparel and combine it with all the clothes you may have in the closet from other brands. In this way, you can get the clothes to fit the trends of time and your own style. 

At EDIE you will find all the delicious clothes from Basic Apparel. We carry both their fine knit, T-shirts and other basic products that you cannot do without in your wardrobe - and then it is all in a favorable price. 

Clothing from Basic Apparel on sale all year round

At EDIE you can always find a wide selection of Basic Apparel's collection on sale at really good prices. For we have gathered the most beautiful clothes from the brand to far below normal prices.
We can do that because the collections we have on sale to you are collections from previous seasons. Therefore, we can set prices down with up to 70%, even if the clothes are new. Our attitude and approach to online shopping we consider sustainable, just as Basic Apparel is. We love to see the new collections every season with new colors and designs, and we enjoy being able to sell it to women who will carry the clothes all year round.

In addition to hunting in Basic Apparel's clothing, you can find much different clothes from other good Danish brands at EDIE.