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Second Female: Feminine silhouettes in simple Scandinavian style

Second Female is a Danish brand founded in Copenhagen in 2000 and is known for designing feminine clothing for the modern and style-conscious woman. Their designs are often adorned with beautiful colors, prints and patterns, which must provide all women who wear the clothes, a chiked look with a French classic touch. Second Female is not afraid to mix the feminine with a more raw and sporty look, and when you buy clothes from Second Female, you can therefore be sure you can mix and match just as you like. In this way, you just achieve the look that radiates strength and personality for you. Second Female has clothes for any woman and wardrobe and you will find both fine dresses, raw blazers and jackets and classic knitwear. At EDIE you can shop clothes from Second Female to retail prices all year round.

Do everyday exclusive with Second Female

Second Female designer clothes for women who want to dress exclusively and nicely every day. Whether you fall for a knitwear or dress, SECOND females design and feminine touch will radiate a delicious style and self-confidence. Although the clothes are fine and classic, the brand works to give you delicious clothes, which you also feel comfortable in. Therefore, the clothes designed with focus on light and comfortable looks, so you feel comfortable all day.

Second Female always follows the fashion image and therefore their latest collections always contain the trends of the time, but with the brand's own touch, such as their fine hand-drawn prints. Second Female never compromises on quality, and with their interpretation of the trends of time, there are always fashionable, simple and feminine designs that fit into any woman's wardrobe. In fact, you can easily have a wardrobe consisting solely of brand's clothing without being boring or monotonous. For though Second Female publishes four collections annually, you can always combine the various styles from the collections, as their classic and feminine style goes again without the collections in any way similar to each other. Therefore, we are also happy to offer Second Female with EDIE, where you find the clothes from previous collections on offer.

Sustainable materials and styles

Second Female emphasizes the importance of sustainability when operating in such an environmentally harmful industry as the fashion industry. Therefore, sustainability is a major focus area for the brand, and in recent years they have intensified their efforts in the form of rethinking their production in a more environmentally friendly direction. Of course, it is not possible to become 100 percent sustainable overnight, and Second Female therefore works from collection to collection. They do so not to compromise on design and quality, and their improvements are therefore continuously in the form of more sustainable materials, which are still delicious and live up to the brand's goal of delivering feminine and comfortable quality clothing to women.

When Second Female produces a sustainable style, they mark it with a brand indicating that the clothes are made of sustainable materials and under environmentally sound production. The sustainable materials of Second Female counts, among other things, recycled polyester, recycled cotton, organic cotton and lyocell, which are a natural fiber that can be degraded biologically.

At Second Female you find both styles made in sustainable materials, but also styles in classic and delicious materials such as Mohairuld, silk and satin. The brand works focused on combining sustainability and fashion, so they continue to produce clothes that do not compromise on quality and style.

Second Female - Clothing for all women

Are you for colors and fine prints or do you prefer subdued solid loops? No matter what, you will find it at Second Female. The brand produces clothes for women of all ages, and each collection offers many products that you just have to have in your wardrobe. No matter if the clothes give self-confidence in your day on the studio or in the office. Second Female has for 20 years embraced any woman and finds inspiration and fascination in women from all over the world. As Second Female itself describes it, there is a "Second Female" in all women. An extra layer that holds dreams and wants to turn into something or perhaps it contains something that the woman already lives. Second Female hits all women who want to express something with their clothes. For common to Second Females customers are that they just love it there extra.

Therefore, in the brand's range, you will find both festive dresses and suits and sporty t-shirts and sweatshirts. Second Female emphasizes that even though you are a career woman, you can well be sporty, and therefore their collections contain something to all women for all occasions. With clothing from Second Female you can feel self-confident and nice everyday, but also sporty and fashionable when you shop in a more relaxed set of clothes on Sundays. At EDIE we are proud to offer more of Second Females-Styles on offer, so you can always see smart and fashionable.

Feminine and fashionable dresses for any occasion

Second Female is often known by their fine, sophisticated and classic dresses that once again manage to add femininity and ease to any woman. Often, Second Females Dresses designed in several layers with light fabrics that are prayed with fine hand-drawn prints, which provide a romantic and modern style with a French touch. Just exactly the dress has developed a lot throughout history, and in the fashion industry, a new trend is often seen as a showdown with previous norms and performances, and the dress is no exception. Throughout the ages, the dress has become a symbol of women release and today is an important part of fashion history and fixed fixtures in many women's wardrobe. Second Female dresses are created to be fashionable dresses that can be used for any occasion. You will find Second Female dresses in many different shapes, colors and patterns. So whether you are missing a dress for the wedding party, the child, the city center or just for everyday life, a dress from Second Female will be the obvious choice.

Sought after Danish design

Second Female is a recognized brand that is both very popular in Denmark and internationally. From the early start in Copenhagen, the brand is now negotiating in several European countries and today is a significant brand in the fashion world. Second Female identifies with the confident, versatile woman who can find strength and self-assurance in the clothes she has, no matter if it is everyday or party. Second female's clothing works all year round, and their styles will be guaranteed some of your favorite clothing that you can use again and again. You can style the clothes that you want, and the fine dresses with print fit both fat sneakers in everyday life or neat stilettos to party.

In 2018, Second Female was nominated for everything for the ladies' gold button, which is given to a Danish fashion company, which in that year has both created commercial success and has been successful with its design. Second Female is a favorite due to their clothes that caters to women of all ages. Their style, design and price rent allows everyone to join, and therefore they are also one of many women's favorite brands.

Online Sale on Clothing from Second Female

At EDIE you can buy your new clothes from Second Female to extremely advantageous prices. Here on the site, we have gathered the best of Second Female and put prices down with up to 70%. At EDIE we sell namely clothing from previous seasons, as we believe that the fine clothing from Second Female still deserves to be sold and become part of a lovely woman's wardrobe.

When new collections come, one often discards the clothes from previous collections, and in EDIE, we think it is completely wrong. Therefore, we also see our business as being sustainable as we in this way ensures that all the clothes are used and not thrown out. The clothes are still brand new and in complete the same fine condition as the new collections, and we are sure that on our webshop you can find clothes that you cannot live without. Therefore, we now sell all the delicious clothes from Second Females previous collections for good offer prices.

The same sharp prices also apply everything else to EDIE. If you therefore lack a new delicious blouse, skirt or a pair of pants, you can take a look at our range of clothes from other good Danish brands.