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Blanche CPH - Danish fashion brand with sense of stylish design

BlancheWas created by the two recognized fashion profiles Melissa Bech and Mette Fredin Christensen in 2017. From their headquarters in Copenhagen, the two women design a large number of designs, all of which are characterized by the brand's holistic approach to timeless fashion. The background for Blanche is that, according to the two women, a great lack of Jeanswear was both in Denmark and internationally. Blanche arose as a brand that produced denim in several different cuts, colors and shapes and for any occasion. In our Blanche shop you can clearly see the brand's classic cuts and the stylish approach to today's trends and fashion. It is a brand that does not compromise on their vision, based on a sustainable and minimalist foundation.

All design from Blanche is therefore the stylish, produced in view of quality materials and reflects what is happening on the Danish and international fashion scene. And just why we are at EDIE proud of could offer products from Blanche.

Blanche CPH adds a refined and modern expression to READY-TO-WEAR FASHION

Blanche is French and means "white". And it is not without reason that the brand came to be called Blanche. Blanche even works on the view that the color white is simply "clean nothing", and it is also the foundation throughout their brand resting. A blackboard whispered clean and the start of a new beginning. For Blanche, the journey started with what they call the fundamental design, namely Denim. For Blanche, denim is much more than Denim, as it is manufactured through sustainable production. Blanche clothing in denim comes in a wide range of cuts and washing, for there is a denim-style for any occasion.

If you dive further into the brand's universe, you will find Blanche's collection called Blanche Atelier. Of course, the collection originates from the same aesthetics and foundation as their denim-styles, but adds a more modern and updated expression to READY-TO-WEAR STYLES. When Blanche says that their brand and design are modern, they do not think it is clothing based on a trend that is only modern in max two years. The modern in their styles is more of an underlying value in their design philosophy, which hides in their choice of textile, color and cut. The clothing in the Blanche Atelier collection is characterized by delicious materials such as cashmere, merino wool and leather. Therefore, the collection is an exclusive collection that adds luxurious and good design and craft to your wardrobe.

Styles for everyday and the festive events

Although the fire name means white, do not save on the colors in clothing from Blanche. Blanche produces clothes in total from red, beige, blue, black and white for design with patterns and different textiles. Many of the brand's design are solids without the big decorations, but sometimes the collections you also find blouses, dresses and skirts in several different colors still in the classic and minimalist expression. And just because of the variation in design and colors, Blanche clothing can be used for any occasion. You need a trip in the city, for example, you can pull in a few bright blanche jeans and combine them with some colorful stilettos. If you have a party in the calendar, their elegant tops and blazers will be able to push any outfit up.

 Shop blanche clothes with good conscience 

As the whole world becomes increasingly environmentally conscious, it is necessary for the largest industries to take an active choice and follow a CSR policy. The fashion industry is one of the great sinners in relation to working conditions and resource-intensive productions, and it is therefore an industry that is in great environmental transformation. This also applies to Blanche CPH, which works under the headings: reduction, durability and justice. The brand has a great focus on sustainability when it comes to the production of their clothes. Here, they use organic and GOTS certified materials, and then their clothing production takes place in factories in Europe, so transport time and pollution are kept at a minimal level.

The choice of materials and textiles also has a great influence on Blanche's environmental footprint. In fact, they have measured that their products are responsible for 40 percent of their total footprint. Therefore, it is really important for them to take deliberate decisions so that their products have the least negative impact on the environment. To ensure that their materials and processes take place under the most environmentally friendly conditions, Blanche works with various certificates and standards covering both materials, production and employees. For example, it could be their GOTS certification, which is an international certificate of organic clothing and textiles to ensure a sustainable life cycle of the product. To achieve this certificate, 95% of the material must be organic.

Clothing from Blanche CPH for sale prices

Here you will find Blanche at prices far below normal prices. We only negotiate clothes from previous seasons, and therefore we can make a sale with prices up to 70% cheaper than normal prices. We go up in sustainability and believe that clothes from previous seasons still deserve to be sold. For it fails absolutely nothing and has just been replaced by clothes from the latest season in shops and webshops. And even though the clothes from Blanche is not the newest new, so it can still give the wardrobe a new, fresh breath.

We also negotiate clothes from many brands than Blanche. Then finally take a slip past our selection of clothes from eg. Second Female, Customdade and Gestuz.