5 Fashion trends that define the summer mate in 2020

The summer stands for the door, and the fashion world has given us their bid for the coming trends and trends. Do you lack inspiration for new 'Must Haves'? So fear not. For this, we present the five main fashion trends that come to define the summer mature 2020.


Flowers and colors should influence your wardrobe

When it has finally become summer, we need to come out and show us. And if you really want to stand out and match the summer's fashion trends, you must have the flourished and the colors.

Floral and colors are once again popular during the summer months - whether they are located on the dress, the pants or top. And finally you should not be afraid to stand out from the crowd with color and print, because it can almost not be too much in this summer season.

Neo noir., Customdade and Gestuz. are three suggestions on brands and items, you should look more closely if you want time in the flowers and colors

Light tops for hot summer evenings

summer top

It can be completely liberating to jump in a light top after many cold months with thick blouses and Uldsweaters. The peaks can also easily be mixed with both pants and skirts.

The Danish summer can sometimes be unpredictable. Then the temperature should fall when the day goes on pour you can easily throw a light jacket Or blazer over you and still preserve the stylish look.

Here you can suit you inspire by the same pointer from the former trend. Colors and flower prints also keep on top.

Gold is worth gold

gold top.

Prada Went All in on the Catwalken as they presented their bids for one of the bravery summer colors in 2020 - gold.

As the sun begins to titty, it is also only in its place that you shine about Cape with it. And if you're not aware to go full 'gold' on your wardrobe, you can still join the mature. Instead, you select a number of other essential but less wardrobe-items.

For example, it could be a heavy bracelet, oval earrings or a large necklace in gold. Gold goes as you know about most.

Boats Just female and Second females Blouses are good bids for varieties of gold that can be worth gold for you.

Mix heavy accessories with light items

Now you have control of your 'light' and airy items. But if you really want to catch the outside world's attention, you should in summer mixing lette items with heavy accessories: necklaces, earrings, bracelets - you name it.

Across various runways we have seen examples of big horns and pearls in, for example, necklaces. Overall it is about attracting attention to the little details.

At the same time, it can help you to give you some extra character when you move in public.

Summer dresses - a stone-proof evergreen

dotted summer dress

The summer chalet is a evergreen for good reasons. The elegance and stylish expressions make that you can use it for several types of apartments and events.

We have already been that colors and flowers become a great summer trend in 2020. But you can also quietly go with a more dimmed look in a darker or brighter color.

Summer dresses Available in very different shapes and colors. The best tips? Rate the weather and make sure the dress reflects your own personality - then keep your look no matter what. With the summer chalet you never go wrong in town.